Life Sciences Staffing

Kamcrest specializes in staffing/recruitment services for the sales and contract management industry within the Pharmaceutical domain.

Many of our partners have extensive experience in the Life Sciences domain with a solid industry network. By having a pulse on this niche domain of Life Sciences, Kamcrest finds the right individuals to take you forward. Not only are we capable of finding sharp and talented resources for your company but we ensure that the skills and expertise are specific to your needs. We persevere in finding the best suited people with excellent domain and systems knowledge with the purpose of establishing a quick and seamless integration for added value to your company. Kamcrest is able to hone in on the technical aspects of the Sales and Contract Management industry. We also focus on various revenue leakage products offered by Revitas, Model N, iContracts, and other in-house solutions. Here are some of the areas that our consultant's specialize in:

Analysis & Design

  • System/Business Process Improvement
  • System Customization/Enhancements
  • System and Vendor Selection
  • Systems Assessment
  • System Upgrades
  • System Mergers


  • Reporting Solutions
  • Data Mart Development
  • Interface Solutions
  • Customized Testing Solutions
  • Customized Development
  • 3rd Party Tools Integration
  • Implementation Support/Resourcing
  • Project Management Solutions

Support & Testing

  • Application Support
  • Reporting Support
  • Staff Augmentation Support
  • Complete End to End System Support Contracts
  • Functional and Technical Training Programs
  • System Maintenance and Technical Tuning
  • System Upgrades/Patch Enhancements
  • Support Strategy Optimization Solutions


  • Application Performance Improvement
  • Data Archiving Strategy
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Data Governance/Maintenance
  • System and Process Assessment
  • Business Process Optimization Solutions

We specialize in Contract Authoring/Lifecycle Management, Claims Data Validation/Processing, Commercial Contracting, Government Contracting, and Government Compliance staffing areas.